- How Does It Work?
Powered by a removable USB Rechargeable Lithium Battery 

- Why are they only available through Pre-Order?

Each (Limited Edition) LUNA WEAR illuminating LUNA RUNNER shirt is custom made specifically for you based on your custom order submitted on www.LunaWear.com 
Fresh quality from our factory to your front door is our promise to you!

- When will my order be shipped? 

Orders usually take 3-4 weeks to fulfill.
Specific shipping information will be emailed to you with full tracking details and notifications.

- How long does it illuminate for on a single charge? 

Around 2-3 hours on a single charge.

- Does it come with a warranty?

Yes we offer a warranty. Please click "here" to view our detailed warranty and return policies. 

- Is the illuminating patch waterproof? 

Yes all LUNA WEAR illuminating material is machine washable / dryable, foldable + crushable.

- I'm not sure which size I am?

Please visit the size chart to view the recommended sizing charts.

- Where are they shipped from?

All LUNA WEAR products are shipped from Miami, Florida - USA. 

Size Charts